10 Steps To Attain Your Perfect Article/Blog

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10 Steps To Attain Your Perfect Article/Blog:
Writing articles is not such a difficult task, considering the fact that you as BMS interns like writing and have passed a few weeks going through the process of taking up a title, thinking up the structure and framing it up properly.
A few more weeks into this and you realized just how important a role, images and videos play in this process and you started selecting appropriate and huge images and really catchy videos to make your article more share worthy.
But have you ever thought about the finer aspects of writing? those tiny details that make or break your reader’s interest? Well put yourself in your reader’s position and have a thought, how would you like it when paragraphs run along and don’t have a break or maybe the appearance of an article that seems so childish and untidy simply because you forgot to justify it! Apart from these two there is always the Punctuation errors that sets readers off and at times can even change the entire meaning of your sentence.
Ouch! None of these came to your mind? Well there is another list you need to watch out for; your text color, the bold and underlined headings and those paragraphs which had the crucial words marked in Italics or bold, giving your reader a reason to hang on and read every word instead skim over your hour(s) long efforts.
To ensure none of this happens, here is a list of To Do’s you must rigorously follow to have that flawless article every time:
1.     Complete writing and add your images appropriately.
2.     Justify your work and correct the spelling or grammatical mistakes.
3.     Ensure the images are ‘centrally aligned’ and their size isn’t too big or too small.
4.     Highlight all sub-headings using Bold/Italics/Underline or all three in whatever combination you prefer.
5.     Ensure that the important words in every paragraph are either in Italics or made Bold to catch your readers attention.
6.     Try and use a good font color for the article.
7.     Don’t forget to add relevant Tags and a Featured Image for each article.
8.     Edit your URL and ensure you have something that isn’t too long.
9.     Preview your work and go back to make the required edits.
10.                       Finally Publish your masterpiece!
Below articles have got above 1000 page views because:
– Good quality images
– content formatting i.e. font size, font color, font text
– Attractive title

 700-1000 words, good quality and attractive images, font color and font size and font text

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