10 Smart Apps To Help You Kill Those Uncertain And Frequent Pangs Of Boredom

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  1. 1 9 GAG

    9 GAG is an external social media website and mobile application which can become the best source for your daily entertainment and enjoyment. This app has a wide range of funny pictures, memes, gif, videos, gaming, manga, cosplay and what not. 9 GAG is the best place for you if you're looking for hilarious and humorous content to kill your time with.
  2. 2 Wakie

    Wakie is a great app if you're an hardcore extrovert because with this app you can increase the amount of friends in your friends' list. It allows you to accept calls and make calls to random strangers over the net. You can even seek help or advice regarding your problems or issues. It even lets you set an alarm clock, but instead of getting a wake up call from your smart phone's system you'll get a call from people over the globe. It's really a great choice if you want to expand your social circle and meet new people.
  3. 3 Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle is a splendid app to help you nurture the reader residing inside of you and also a very productive way to help you kill time. You can choose any book of your preference from a spectrum of books available in the Amazon e-book library. It's available for free in-app purchase on both iOS and Android platforms and a really smart way to pass your free time.
  4. 4 duoLingo

    duoLingo is another great app if you want to do something fun and productive, like learning a new language. With this app you can expand your linguistic knowledge and learn languages like French, Spanish, German and other 20 such languages. You can easily master any language you like with the help of daily exercises and competitions. This is really a fun and entertaining way to help you pass time.
  5. 5 Meme Generator

    Meme Generator is an app for creating funny and hilarious memes. With this app you can easily create humorous posts and share it among your friends or on various social media platforms. This app allows you to embrace your quirky side and is a really good choice if you're bored and have got time to kill.
  6. 6 Quora

    Quora is another great app for you to learn and gain knowledge and do something productive in your free time. You can read articles, ask and answer queries, ask questions, find interesting notes and things relating to the topic of your choice. It's free on in-app purchase and definitely a marvelous tool for you to to help you find answers your daily questions of idle curiosity.
  7. 7 QuizUp

    QuizUp is another smart and marvelous app choice if you want to do something productive in your free time. It is basically an online gaming platform where you can expand your knowledge by playing a number of quiz based games from an array of topics. You can interact and compete with a umber of users from around the globe. It's really a smart option to choose if you're bored and want something to pass time with.
  8. 8 Pinterest

    Pinterest is a great platform to help you find anything you could possibly require. From cooking recipes to styling hacks to funny posts or quotes, you can find anything and everything on Pinterest. And that's not all. You can also share your ideas and images of your liking on your profile. This is really a cool place to spend your time on if you're free and want something happening to kill your time with.
  9. 9 Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a humble choice if you're a voracious reader and a curious soul. This app cam become your instant best friend if you love to explore and know about random facts and people. Just search anything you possibly want to gain knowledge about and this app will give you the best results to soothe your curiosity.
  10. 10 Pivi and Co

    Pivi and Co is basically a fun filled photo editing app that lets you envisage your face if ever you go bald, or gain a few pounds, or how would you look with a double chin. Anything you could think of happening to your face. This app is really a great time pass. It's free on in-app purchase on both iOS and Android platforms, download this app and let the fun begin.

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Ankita Kumari

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