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The modern world is depending more and more on the internet. That’s great for all bloggers worldwide. But while that might be great news, the question of how to come up with good blog content ideas is still difficult. This post is meant to help you solve just that problem.

Apart from the usual advice of ensuring that a post is published daily, there are a few general tips you should follow. Getting ideas for everyday posts isn’t all that difficult, but then again, it doesn’t mean that there is no work involved. The more visitors that read your posts, the better your writing would need to become. It’s important that there is a certain natural progression while writing articles.

Here are 10 places on the Internet where you can find some healthy inspiration, ideas and thoughts to set the ball in motion to make money.

Usenet/Google Groups: 

Google Groups is known to be of great help to bloggers in many ways. It brings many topics together which can help you to figure out what your next post should be about. One can get information about any topic he/she wants. Google Groups is a useful tool which can help you to find several helpful topics without having to surf around looking for it.

Yahoo Answer: 

Quite similar to Google’s product, Yahoo Answers keeps things relatively more interactive. Browse through the questions users ask one another to figure out how readers query subjects on search engines. This is the best option for those of us who need lots of fresh content regularly. You can also categorize and search easily through it.

Google/Yahoo news: 

Some of the most visited pages on the Internet, they offer a snapshot of the trends currently influencing the online world. Tagged and clicked by millions worldwide, they offer you everything from the definitive news story of the day, to the latest viral video hit on Youtube. You can search for any topic in Google or Yahoo news, and become part of the trend.


is without a doubt a made of every blogger’s *ahem* dreams. It helps in searching for the latest content trends in the blogosphere. It is easy to search and gets the latest topics here.


It is the amongst the most and favored websites in the world. Users with varied interested come together in a community that collectively decides on what content is good, and what isn’t worth a visit by anyone. Social bookmarking for the organized.

Digg and Reddit:

Users can browse around on any the broad subjects listed. Both of these social bookmarking sites provide readers the best topics selected that are voted up by the people in your own community, or in Reddit’s case, people sharing the same interests. Don’t forget to also check out the new Digg, minus the much-adored love-hate relationship.


If your blog is related to discussions, a service, or jobs, then this is the best place you can go to. The best thing about craigslist is that they update all the details frequently which helps their visitors to find what they are looking for faster. You can also narrow down search results to your town, or city. Check out what people are discussing here to figure out what people are interested in. I see some interesting topics for Delhi at moment.

Stumble Upon: 

Stumble Upon is a very interesting website to use. It definitely has a preference for humor, but it nevertheless is a great social gauge for all good content.

Keywords tool: 

Most people use direct search for any related topics they want to know about. Many tools are available on the internet which can help you in finding the exact topic your reader might be interested to know about.  Especially used by Internet marketers, you can use the Google AdWords Keywords Tool to understand how people in India search online in the first place.


Ok now, let’s just admit that Wikipedia is like the Godfather of the Internet now. A non-profit organisation, Wikipedia is visited by millions of people everyday. It covers topics related to almost everything, if not more than everything ever known, created, constructed, and construed! For bloggers especially it’s of tremendous help that the site connects all related pages to one another, within the content of the page itself. Keep swimming deeper, and you will probably find a subject that needs more explaining. Write up a nice, long blog post, and add your URL in the “References” on the site.

    Let me know your own ideas and thoughts about how to find good blog content ideas. Don’t forget to also include comments about your own ideas.

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