10 Mind-Blowing Gadgets You Did Not Know About From CES 2017 Tech Fair That Are Going To Change The World

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The top 10 technological inventions at the CES 2017 fair

As every year brings some good fortune for everyone, be it wealth or a better luck, and in case of all the technology lovers and gizmo fundi, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). And just like every other year, the CES 2017 was inaugurated with full zeal and was highly augmented with full fervour. While last year saw some really amazing gadgets like the Sensorwave, Prizm, Intel 3D Replay Technology and Livestream Movi. This year marked the arrival of some more marvellous gizmos like smart bikes, underwater drones smart mattresses, robotic nannies and the list goes on. There were over 20,000 inventions which were put to display to court the average consumer. And choosing out of these gadgets, we’ve shortlisted the top 10 technological inventions at the CES 2017 fair which were completely outstanding and perfectly on the mark with the needs of every consumer.

Here is a list of out top 10 picks:


Although there were a lot more smart and intriguing gadgets at the CES 2017 tech fair, but these are the ones which completely stood out. But there’s always scope for better and to cover that up CES 2018 is going to be there

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Ankita Kumari