Sharing adsense revenue with authors on your blogger blog

How to Share Google Adsense / advertising revenue with your writers and guest authors on your blogger blog?

I was recently looking for this code myself because I wanted to share advertising revenue with my writers on . It’s a very easy implementation. Below are the steps.

Step 1. Login to Blogger and go to your dashboard.
Step 2. Take backup of your XML file and then open it in an editor.
Step 3. Look it up to search for the below code inside your template


Step 4. Now, Insert the below piece of code at the location where you want to place your ad. If you copy paste it just above the red code the ads will show up at the beginning of the post and if you paste it below the red code, you will find your ads at the end of the post. Smart people however add to both the locations at the top and the bottom so that the ads show up at optimal positions.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
<b:if cond=’ == “admin“‘>
Insert your Ad Code for admin here undefinedfirst author)

<b:if cond=’ == “author-name-here“‘>
Insert your Ad Code for this author here undefinedsecond author)

<b:if cond=’ == “guestblogger“‘>
Insert your Ad Code for guestblogger here undefinedthird author)


Step 5. Replace the author name and ad code with the actual ones.As names are in bold and replace whole line ‘Insert your Ad Code for admin here (first author)’ with the add codes of that author.

You can replace the ad code with adsense or with any other javascript or html code you got from any advertising network / affiliate network or your own ads.

Step 6. Save changes.

Step 7. Verify the changes are correctly showing up and voila! You have enabled author revenue sharing on your blogger blog.

If you wish to become a guest blogger here on, feel free to contact us.

Facing issues or successfully implemented this? Share your blog name and comment below 🙂

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